What is the Best Way to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time?

Burst Exercising Can Get You Fit, Healthy, and Looking Great

The summer is here and you are either feeling good and confident about strutting your stuff on the beach, or…you are kicking yourself that you are still not quite there. Guys, you are sucking your belly in, Ladies, you bought the bathing suit, but it is hidden under your hopefully temporary cover up!

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According to the article “Beat the Top 8 Exercise Excuses” in Fitness Magazine, “I’m too busy” is one of the top excuses for not exercising:

“Many people don’t exercise because they feel weighed down with work, but a good sweat session will make you more productive on the job. You’ll have less stress, a clearer head and a better perspective. ‘You can actually get more work done after your workout than before,’ says Mark Anshel, Ph.D., a performance counselor with LGE Performance Systems, a corporate training center in Orlando, Florida.”

For all you people who are too busy, Burst Exercising is for you. Better Fitness defines “Bursting,” also known as short, as intensive interval training. It’s a great way to achieve cardio fitness without spending hours working out. The authors of “The Power of Full Engagement” reference a joint study conducted by Harvard and Columbia Universities: “researchers found that a series of short doses of intense aerobic activity – each one sixty seconds or less – followed by complete aerobic recovery, had a profound positive impact on participants.” (J. Loehr & T. Schwartz, The Power of Full Engagement,© 2005)

JJ Virgin, a celebrity nutritionist and fitness expert recently wrote an article in BeMore! Magazine about the benefits of Burst Exercising. “Burst Training is incredibly time efficient. Studies show that time often creates a major barrier for working out. A super-hectic, always-on-the-go schedule means many folks don’t have hours to spend in the gym or aerobic classes. Burst training blows the time excuse out of the water. You can knock out an intense workout in just minutes a day.” (http://bemoremagazine.well.org/i/339173)

Easy Ways to Burst Exercise

Go all out for 30-60 seconds. Rest. Repeat. It is that Easy. You can sprint, bike, climb, or any intense aerobic activity. One of the best devices is a small, high tension stepper called the Xiser. The Xiser is such a great tool that the Navy Seals and professional athletes use it as part of their training. The first time I gave it a try, it was instrumental in dropping 20 lbs in 2 months.

Read more about Burst Exercising at www.bursthealth.com

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