Celebrate Your Organizational Transformation Efforts and Results

Celebrating is Simple and Powerful, yet many People Forget to do it.

champagneIt is so easy to get stuck in the day to day. Maybe you woke up feeling a little low this morning and all you can think of is, just get me to 5 o’clock. One of the many phone calls that you engage in today actually produces a lead and instead of stopping to do more than just smile for a split second, you are off and running to the next call. If you cannot even recognize a success for yourself, how can you recognize one for your team?

Don’t you remember how good it felt when you made that home run at your little league game, or you won the bread machine at the grocery store? The last time your partner gave you a $50 gift certificate for making that sale? These are reasons to celebrate and allow yourself a few minutes, hours, maybe ½  a day to just relish in your accomplishment.

As results come, find reasons to celebrate. Give folks a little carrot: “if we achieve this goal this week (or this month or this quarter) we’re buying pizza for the entire department.” You blow up some balloons, pat everybody on the back, and give lots of public recognition.

Let people tell their stories: what did they learn, how the changes helped them, how they had doubts but are now big supporters.

If somebody makes an improvement, publicly recognize it. If you use kaizen events in your organization, then you know the final presentation gives the team an opportunity to describe what they accomplished. Sometimes the improvement stories are really good and you want to repeat their story over to multiple groups, especially if you’re a really big organization. Happiness is infectious and it can make a real difference in not only one person but a whole business!

The act of celebrating will help anchor the progress you’re making in your organizational transformation.

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