The Movie, The Secret, is Missing a Critical Element

Get the Results You Wish For by Taking the Three Types of Action

You probably know that to achieve your goals, you have to take action.  Even teachers who were featured on the movie, The Secret, who are proponents of the law of attraction’s formula, “Ask – Believe – Receive,” agree that this formula is augmented by taking the action required to get the results you seek.

For all of you who set a goal and then create an action plan that describes what you intend to do, I applaud you.  Many people set goals but don’t give any consideration to how they’ll get there.  The actions you take as a result of your action plan are important to take.  The thing is, if that’s all you do, you’re working too hard!

In Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days, I describe a method of setting goals and then taking three types of action to help you achieve them as quickly as possible.  Following your action plan is just one type of action (creatively called “Planned Actions”).  The others are called the Daily Habits and Inspired Actions.

The Daily Habits are those many techniques that collectively will help you tune into your intuition and to engage the law of attraction.  Practicing these daily habits enables the first two parts of the law of attraction formula: Ask and Believe.  Here’s the thing many people don’t realize.  When you “Ask and Believe,” you will begin to have ideas, intuitive hits, or other types of inspiration.  The problem is, many people fail to do anything with them – they fail to take the inspired actions that are required for them to finally “Receive.”

The Solution

The solution is to practice all three types of action every day.  With the Act Now! bigstock-Chalkboard-Series--Take-Actio-4397695methodology it’s easy to build routines so you’re taking the planned actions and daily habits according to what you’ve prepared each day.  You will also learn to recognize the intuitive hits and take inspired actions to quickly capitalize on these gifts.  You can see the powerful Daily Action Log I’ve created to guide you through the Act Now! methodology at

When you do practice all three types of action, the law of attraction works best.  You are simply modifying the formula to be “Ask – Believe – Act– Receive” as a way to guarantee you get the results you wish for.

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Three Types of Action Are Better Than One

Using the Daily Action Log Makes It Easy to Take All Three Types of Action and Achieve Your Goals at Record Speed

Some of you create and follow an action plan to help you reach your goals on the schedule you want.  That’s the most common type of action people take for goal achievement.  But, if that’s the only type of action you take…

You’re working too hard!

blow away rocketIn Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days, I describe three types of action that, when used together each day, will put your progress into high speed.  You will achieve results that will blow you away and you’ll have fun doing it.

The Three Types of Action

The first type of action to take each day is called “planned action.”  Most people know about planning action steps toward their goal.  Simply decide what steps you plan to take today.  Jack Canfield taught me “the Rule of 5,” which is to do five things today that are aligned with your most important goal(s).  I’ve adopted this practice and incorporated it into the daily action log format I use.

The second type of action to take each day is called the “daily habits.”  These daily habits are all those powerful actions that activate our unconscious mind and the law of attraction to work on our behalf.

The daily habits include things like visualizing your goals as already complete and saying affirmations that support that picture you’ve created to further anchor it into your unconscious new reality.  Meditating and journaling help you focus, reduce stress, and unlock your creativity.  Other well-known daily habits include things you probably know are good to do, like reading and exercising.  There are more daily habits, but you get the idea.

The third type of action to take each day is called “inspired action.” As you have clarity about the goals you want to achieve and are following the daily habits, things will magically begin to happen for you.  You will receive an unending stream of ideas, intuitive hits, and insights.  These are gifts that you can receive and act on.  Write them down and commit to a time when you will act on them.  When you regularly take inspired actions, you can guarantee you’ll receive more ideas, intuitive hits, and insights.

You can guarantee that your rate of progress will accelerate by following all three types of action.

The Daily Action Log Makes It Easy

You might be thinking, “Wow! That’s a lot of action to take every day!”  When I first started to apply the three types of action I thought the same thing.  That’s when I began to experiment with a daily action log format that is tailored to supporting all three types of action.  You can download these log sheets at

The result of my trial and error, experimenting, study, and persistence is the format I use today and share in Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days.  This format makes it easy to take all three types of action.  By using this daily action log each day, I’ve managed to achieve more in less time!

I hope you experience the same rate of progress when you apply the daily action log.  You’ll find that three types of action really are better than one!

Visit to download the daily action log sheets now while you’re thinking about it.


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Power of an Action Log to Achieve Your Goals

Using the Daily Action Log Can Accelerate Your Goal Achievement and Help You Succeed at Maximum Speed

When I wrote Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days, I was sharing the method that I discovered works to help people achieve their goals more quickly than anything else I tried.  While it is powerful for any goal, it was not my first action log.

The Back Story

log bookThe roots of using a daily action log came from my days as a marathon runner.  Many athletes use some type of a log book to help them plan their routines, track their progress, and get feedback for making adjustments that will maximize their performance.  Runners certainly fall into this category, and I tracked what I ate, how I slept, and my running activity.  Using a daily action log helped me complete four marathons within 363 days: Chicago, Atlanta, and Disney twice.

As someone who is dedicated and passionate about personal and professional development, I have been a student of a success and goal achievement principles for over twenty years.  I’m thrilled that there’s a real science of success to help normal, every-day people improve their results.  What I found challenging was deciding what methods to follow each day.  It’s clear there are many daily practices that are “good for you,” but which are the most important to follow?

I recalled the power of the daily action log for my marathon goals and began to create multiple versions to incorporate the different success principles I understood to be most effective.  I experimented with different formats and with what practices to include.  Some elements of those early versions worked great. Others, well, not so much.  The good news is that I have done all the trial and error work for you, so you don’t have to.  The result of my efforts is what I now use, and what I share in Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days.

Use the Daily Action Log for All Your Goals

One great thing about this daily action log is its flexibility to help people achieve goals in any area.  I normally suggest people have goals in five areas: career, finances, health and fitness, relationships, and overall happiness.  This allows you to have a goal to complete a marathon (health and fitness), a goal to double your income (finances), a goal to enjoy a vacation in Hawaii (overall happiness), a goal to get promoted (career), a goal to find your soul mate (relationships), or any other goals as they can all fit nicely into this format.

The daily action log also works great for business leaders, and many of my clients are using Act Now! to help their teams hit their business’ strategic goals.  Some have bought hundreds of books for their teams and clients!

Where the Power Comes From

The power of the daily action log in Act Now! is due to a number of unique factors:

  • First, writing down your intention and planned actions give you clarity and focus
  • Second, I’ve included the highest power success and goal achievement principles as part of the daily habits
  • Third, there’s a place to capture your intuitive hits, as they have the ability to take your progress into high speed
  • Fourth, you can keep score and track your progress week to week
  • Fifth, it’s an easy format for you to share with an accountability partner or your mastermind team

I recommend to all my clients and friends that they set goals and use the daily action log to help keep them focused and on track as they navigate the activities of their busy lives.  Taking the right types of action can make all the difference between success and frustration, and achieving your goals now rather than some time down the road.

I want you to succeed!

A Challenge

Download the forms from and see how many days in a row you can use the Daily Action Log.  If you’re one of those people who want everything to be perfect before getting started, I share with you a quote from an interview I conducted with one of Ireland’s top entrepreneurs, Sean Gallagher, “A man who waits for everything to be perfect before taking the next step will spend his entire life standing on one leg.”  Now is your time to start, as nothing will happen before you do.


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“Do I Have to?”

One question I am often asked is about the daily habits as I describe them in Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days.  People don’t argue with the premise that the daily habits are good to do and will help accomplish goals, but they do wonder, “Do I need to do all of them every day? Won’t that take a long time?”

I’ll answer the first part by simply saying, “Yes.”  Strive to do them all each day.  You might miss one here or there, but see what you can do.

For the second question about it taking a lot of time, let me walk through today’s example… stopwatch and clipboard

I woke this morning and started my routine of daily habits.  Today, this included meditating and journaling for about 15 minutes.  Then, reading the last ten pages of the book I was enjoying.  I expressed appreciation to my son for simply being a good kid.  I ran for a half hour, then showered and went to work for a few hours before heading to the airport.

Later, during my flight, I reviewed my list of goals and visualized each one.  I followed them visualization with an affirmation to further anchor these into my subconscious.  To round out the lsit of daily habits, I practiced “Letting Go” (Hoʻoponopono was today’s chosen method of “Letting Go.”)

So did that take some time?  The running took a half hour. Reading, meditating, and journaling another 30 minutes.  The rest of them I did while I was on the airplane – kind of a 2-for-1, as I was captive in my seat anyway.  Basically, an hour of discretionary time and then the rest fit within my day.

The question I pose to you is this: if you could accelerate reaching your most important goals, would you be willing to spend an hour following Act Now’s daily habits?

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Stick to the Basics

Have you ever deviated from an action plan?  Maybe your circumstances changed and you had to modify the plan.  Or maybe you got impatient.  Or maybe the plan was designed by someone else and you thought you knew better…

This happened to Pete Winiarski recently, and the impact was that he had to start the process that he was attempting over – twice!  Lesson learned: stick to the basics.  Stick to what you know works, especially if the action plan was researched and tested.  Check out the video below to hear about Pete’s experience.  You’ll learn that you can get better results by sticking to the plan!

Click here to learn more about the Couch to 5K program.

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“Running” the Tour de France


The Tour de France is a test of a cyclist’s ability to maintain endurance and speed.  Biking the over 2,000 mile course is impressive to most people, but Zoe Romano decided to do something beyond what anyone could imagine.  She is going to run this course, becoming not only the first female to attempt this, but the first person ever to run the entire thing. Besides this huge goal she has set for herself, she also expects to be able to do more than just finish the course – she wants to complete it on July 20th, one day ahead of when all of the cyclists are expected to finish.  Romano is hoping to run a consistent 30 miles a day to reach her ultimate goal which will not only raise over $100,000 for charity, but will prove that human beings are capable of much more than what they think is possible.

What Zoe is hoping her determination and hard work will do, is show that you can do anything if you believe in yourself and know that truly anything is possible.  Most people consider the Tour de France a very hard goal to accomplish – it takes a lot of training, motivation, and skill to be able to complete it.  But Zoe thought ‘it’s been done before’ and looked at what she could do to open people’s minds to more possibilities.  Zoe’s goal is an inspiration to everyone, encouraging people to go beyond their wildest dreams, to try and achieve the impossible.  Although she is an inspiration to people everywhere, she influences women even more because she is showing them that physical competitions such as the Tour de France aren’t just for men.  To this day, women are still not allowed to compete in the Tour, but they are working to change that.  There are petitions and surveys going around that are working to create an equal opportunity for women to compete.  Zoe Romano is a huge factor in proving to everyone that women have every right to be included in this race and are definitely capable of doing it as well.  If Romano can run it, women should be allowed to bike it.

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Are You Having a Bad Day?

All of us have bad days sometimes. Maybe your kids had a rough night and you didn’t get much sleep.  Maybe someone cut you off on your way to work.  Sometimes it starts when you first wake up, or maybe things slowly get worse as the day goes on. To let go of the negative feelings sometimes it is as simple as allowing yourself to take a few minutes, hours or even the day off to recuperate. But what if taking some time for yourself to regain your balance isn’t an option? What if the kids need to get dropped off and you have to get to work for a meeting?  Errands still need to get done; life doesn’t stop.

So, maybe you can take just a second to look for something happy in your surroundings – find something as simple as a beautiful flower, overhear laughter, or witness a positive experience. We live in a world where all of us encounter opportunities of kindness. It is up to us to be willing to see the good things, especially when we’re in a bad mood.  Give yourself permission to let go of that bad mood and see the positive.  Maybe even look for an opportunity to make someone else’s day better.  Often just forcing yourself to smile can help alleviate the grumpy feeling.  It is up to us to take a moment to give back.  Remember that what we might think of as a bad day, might be a normal day for someone else.

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How Far Would You Go?

life preserverMost people say they would do anything for their family or someone they really care about. But what if you were several miles from help and all the pressure of saving your family and friends was on you? What if saving them meant performing a physical act that might be impossible?  For 70 year old John Riggs, there was no choice when the boat he and four other people were in capsized during a fishing trip. At an age when most people are retired and living a calmer life style after decades of hard work, Riggs was forced to put those thoughts aside to rescue his fellow boaters and get them to safety.

Riggs, the boat’s owner, swam for hours until he reached the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It was around 1:30 am when he alerted a local resident that he and his friends had capsized in the water. The boaters had been stuck out in the sea for about 5 or so hours before they were able to get help. Luckily, their life vests are what kept them afloat and alive. Of course the extreme efforts from John Riggs also played a huge part in the rescue as well.

Clearly, age doesn’t play a factor when someone is determined enough to help save the lives of people in need. So why should age matter at all? It’s never too late to take action, especially if it involves something you are passionate about. All this brave man cared about was making sure his friends were brought to safety, and he was determined to make it happen. It took all the physical strength he had to do it, but in the end he accomplished what he set out to do – swim as many miles as it took to get the help he needed. If he could do this seemingly impossible task at the age of 70, there are no limits to what anyone is capable of doing.

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Keep Your Dreams

Have you ever thought about the universe? Sometimes I think about the fact that we are all just existing on this huge floating ball. Honestly, my brain starts to hurt when I think about our existence too much. Are we alone, or are there others out there like us? Will my children’s children 10 times over be able to travel space just like we are able to travel to the mall?

There are so many beautiful things in this world and one of them is our actual “world” as you look at it from say another planet, (or world). And if there are “life” forms on another world, do they look at our world and wonder or question if there are life forms? And do they see our world as beautiful?

One of my dreams is to visit space and see Earth as others in faraway places see it. How amazing would that be? Realistically I know that there is a large chance that this may not happen in my lifetime. That’s okay though, I can still dream right? Dreams can be unrealistic. They can be motivators. Sometimes it is a dream that keeps us going.

So what’s the takeaway? Keep your dreams. Don’t squash them just because they may be so outlandish that even you laugh at the possibility of them ever becoming a reality.

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Beauty Isn’t Everything

Erin Brady had no intention of winning a nation-wide beauty contest on her first attempt erin-brady-miss-usa-elue-le-18-juin-a-las-vegas-10935492otredcompeting.  But the 25 year old contestant from Glastonbury, Connecticut took the title of Miss USA in Las Vegas this past weekend.  This was her first time competing for something like this while most of the other contestants have had years of experience, doing pageants since they were young children.

Brady attended Central Connecticut State University, graduating with a degree in accounting and a minor in criminal justice.  She worked for Prudential Financial, an uncommon occurrence for such a young woman competing for the title of Miss USA.  She had always wanted to compete, but could never find the time because she attended school and had a full time job.  But once the opportunity presented itself, she went for it.  She kept her hair and makeup subtle for the pageant, trying to highlight her natural beauty while at the same time showing everyone she wasn’t just some airhead relying on her looks to make it through life.  She answered a question about DNA tests being allowed in the U.S. Supreme Court with a surprising amount of knowledge on the subject and didn’t seem fazed by the question whatsoever.  The fact that she was such a well-rounded contestant is what got her the title of Miss USA, and she is trying to defy the stereotype that pageant queens are all beauty and no brains.  Her sister described the situation saying, “She just went up there on a whim, man. But it was like, ‘Just go for it. There should be more people like you who are competing, where it’s not all about the hair and the makeup, but personality too.’”

So it seems that pageants these days are not just about the looks, but there is a lot of emphasis on how smart contestants are and their ability to answer questions concerning important issues currently going on in the world.  The world of pageants and competing for beauty contest titles is becoming less focused on looks and how well a woman can just stand there and look beautiful.  Judges want to see everything the contestant can bring to the table, which is a good thing because it is showing everyone interested in pageants that the women competing aren’t just there to look good, but they can also be very smart, well-rounded people too.

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