Go Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

Make This Year Your Best Year Ever By Following The Daily Action Log

Here we are once again approaching the start of a new year.  Each year brings new aspirations of what to achieve as we look back on the prior year’s accomplishments.  While most people enjoy the “New Year’s Resolutions” exercise during a holiday party, few of those resolutions come true because they are treated as a dreamer’s party game just before the champagne toast at midnight rather than an exercise to take seriously.

If you’re through with the dreams-without-results routine then I have an alternative for you.  It starts with deciding right now that you will set a few goals to earnestly pursue during 2014.  If you’re ready to actually define an exciting level of results you want to achieve this next year, then read on.

The difference between achieving and not achieving comes down to a few basics: clarity, commitment, and action.


Are you crystal clear about your purpose and your passions?  Do you know what you want to achieve in your life, or this year, (or today)?  Having that clarity will enable you to set goals that will keep you moving toward your higher purpose and your bigger vision.  It’s OK if you’re not sure about your purpose and vision; start with what you want for this year.  Define what you want to achieve and also why it’s important for you.  This provides you with the motivation and focus you’ll need to keep moving forward.


How committed are you to achieving the goals you set?  If you have the clarity about what and why, then it’s easy to raise the level of importance your goals have for you versus other activities that you could choose to do.  For example, if you’re committed to completing a marathon and weighing 15 pounds less than you do today because you know it will help you manage your stress and energy levels rather than have the same number of stress-filled sleepless nights as you did the prior year, you’ll take your fitness and nutrition choices more seriously.  When given a choice of how to spend your time, you’ll factor in those goals to which you’re most committed.


Once you’re clear about your goals, and committed to achieve them, it’s now time to take action to get the results you desire.  Action is the key, but there’s more to action than you think.  There are actually three types of action to take each day:  Planned actions, daily habits, and inspired actions.

  • Planned actions are those items that align with your most important goals – what you will do today to make progress so you achieve the results you committed to achieve.
  • Daily habits are those actions that are proven success accelerators, like visualizing your goals as complete, reading, and meditating.
  • Inspired actions are those actions you take as a result of an intuitive hit, idea, or moment of inspiration which are a natural by-product of the daily habits, so take them seriously and act on them as quickly as you can.

Action is the missing link.  No matter how clear you are about what you want and how much you may think about your goals, you have to actually get into action to change your level of results.

The Tool to Bring This All Togetherbigstock-Celebration-People-Holding-champagne Glasses-42209968

The routine I follow for all the above is part of what I’ve captured in my latest book, Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days.  Rather than struggle with how to implement the above ideas, Act Now! guides you through the process.  With a number of exercises to set your goals and then track your progress using all three types of action each day, you’ll be on your way to achieving exciting results and making this your best year ever!


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