My name is Peter (Pete) D. Winiarski.  I am a # 1 International Best Selling author, speaker, results coach, transformational leader, and business consultant who helps businesses and individuals achieve their full potential. The clients I have supported range from individuals and small business owners to international corporations with billions in revenue.

My company, Win Enterprises LLC, provides business consulting, results coaching, and books and other resources we publish to help you transform your results.

Achieve Results Faster Than You Thought Possible!

Contact my office at 860-651-6859 when you need help to:

  • Break through personal barriers and make you and your team more effective
  • Create a company culture of positive, action-oriented employees who solve problems and implement changes at lightning speed
  • Set your company’s strategic goals and ensure your team is focused and aligned to deliver the results you desire
  • Challenge the status quo and drive process improvement that keeps you and your business competitive

I will teach you the right way to set goals for you and your team, to plan the actions that matter the most, to tap into the Science of Success and how to use these principles to accelerate your results.  And I’ll provide coaching and consulting to facilitate your journey.  With my books, training workshops, speaking, coaching and business consulting, I can jump-start and accelerate your journey of breakthrough goal achievement!

“If you believe that anything is possible, is there any reason to limit yourself?”

~Pete Winiarski

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